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Kyani Inc. (previously called "KY-ANI SUN Inc."), 
( Company Registration Number in the USA: C159759 ).

Kyani is a small multi level marketing (MLM) company 
with a very controversial history, management and products.
It is located in a tiny city of Idaho Falls, USA

These Kyani Mormon founders, ( who are Mormons )
top company officers and consultants are blamed 
by many for losing their (often the last) money.

“Lying for the Lord” is the term used for the Mormon practice of cheating and misleading by not telling the whole truth or dissimulating in interests of the Mormon Church and its members.
Should Mormonism be founded in an elaborate hoax, as much evidence suggests, then deception is not just an occasional practice, but the foundation structure upon which the entire edifice of the Mormon religion has been erected. 

1. Kirkland Rigby Hansen - Mormon Church BishopKyani Founder; Who is Mr.Hansen         
2. Carl Boyce Taylor;                                                 Kyani Founder; Who is Mr.Taylor
3. Cary James Hansen;                                              Kyani Founder;
4. Scott Robert Seedall;                                             Legal Advisor;
5. Breshears Michael Joe;                                         CEO at Kyani Inc.;               Who is Mr.Breshears
6. Olle Gunnar Martin Barkstedt;                                  CEO at Kyani Europa AB;
7. Brandon Spackman;                                              CAO  at Kyani Inc.;

Foundation of Kyani started with cheating
1) The story of how Kyani products were invented is not true.
    Almost every element of this story is a lie.
    See the investigation by TRUTH IN ADVERTISING.

2) The founder, the Hansen family was presented as having wealth of billions.
     But it is a fake. See Who is Mr.Hansen.

    The founder, the Taylor family was presented as having wealth of billions.
    But it is a fake too. See Who is Mr.Taylor.

3) The founder, the Tailor family was presented as having wealth of billions and
    being the biggest potato farmer in the state of Idaho.
    In fact the Tailor family is not reach and belongs to 
    the smallest end of potato farmers in the state of Idaho.

4) Kyani Inc. in its advertising video climes that the launch of Kyani is 
    "one of the strongest financially backed launches in the network market history".
    Then the video shows Kyani's warehouse which looks like a farmer garage and 
    see what this "strongest" means in reality.


Kyani Imminent Bankruptcy - facts and justifications

Kyani Europa AB is located in Sweden and manages Kyani business in Europe
and has subsidiaries:
"Kyani Ukraine", "Kyani Russia", "Kyani Germany", "Kyani Hungary", "Kyani Italy", "Kyani France".

MLM Leaks predicts:
- Kyani Europa AB will become a bankrupt in 2017;
Kyani Inc., USA   will become a bankrupt in 2018;

1The business of Kyani is rapidly sinking and shrinking.
    Kyani has big problems with profit and cash flow.
    Kyani has big problems with business regulators and tax authorities - Tax Fraud
    Kyani has problems in the Western and Eastern Europe.

2) The business model of Kyani is not sustainable because 
    it is is based on cheating that Kyani's food supplements are almost a miracle and
    help with almost any problematic health condition and
    that almost anybody can quickly get rich by selling Kyani's food supplements.

3) Kyani's food supplements are much overpriced and
    their claimed health benefits have never been confirmed by
    any independent and reputable authority.

4) Overwhelming majority of Kyani distributors earn little or no money.

5) For the last tree years Kyani many times changed the formula of its products 
    in Europe in order to be compliant with the heath law.

6) Kyani already has huge disputes with European countries tax authorities and
    is obligated to pay big fines and penalties.

7) Ukrainian branch of Kyani Europa AB is under the process of closing.
    The staff is not paid salaries and distributors do not get their earned bonuses.

Additionally, see the well done investigations:


Diet Pills Watchdog about Kyani:

Kyani is engaged in doing the following:

(1) deceives consumers into believing they could earn substantial money selling Kyani products.

(2) Kyani's multi-level marketing company’s compensation structure 
     is unfair because it rewards distributors for recruiting others to join and 
     purchase products in order to advance in the marketing program, 
     rather than in response to actual retail demand for the product, 
     causing substantial economic injury to many of its distributors.

(3) Kyani claims that people who participate can expect to quit their jobs, 
     earn thousands of dollars a month, make a career-level income, or 
     even get rich, never work again in their life and receive so called "passive income".
     But the truth is that the overwhelming majority of distributors 
     who pursue the business opportunity earn little or no money.

(4) Finding themselves unable to make money or get a reword promised by the Kyani Car Program
     Kyani distributors abandon Kyani in large numbers. 
     The majority of them stop ordering products within their first year,and 
     nearly half of the entire Kyani distributor base quits in any given year.

(5) Kyani miss-presents to distributors its loyalty program payments
     as something really great and beneficial, white in reality this in not the case.

     Distributors from closing markets who participated in the Kyani Loyalty program and 
     who earned points (so called KV points) in hope
     to get paid after they quit Kyani after reaching the age of 65 
     will likely get no money from Kyani.

Why Kyani and alike stay in business ?
Short answer - because "Money Talks" and
many individuals and organizations stay quiet to keep their earning from Kyani.

Example №1
Companies KPMG and TMF Group provide Kyani with various services and
they are able to see and fully understand Kyani's illegal and questionable practices but 
they continue servicing Kyani instead of bringing these facts 
to the attention of police, law enforcement authorities, professional bodies.

Companies KPMG and TMF Group have access to all Kyani's distributors
earnings data and they are able to see and fully understand
the truth but KPMG and TMF Group close their eyes and 
continue to earn money by providing services to Kyani.

KPMG, the Audit company for Kyani Europa AB,
TMF Groupthe Accounting company for Kyani,

Example №2
An April 2016 investigation of DSA member Kyani
revealed that it was violating federal laws of the USA and the DSA Code of Ethics.

Despite the well documented evidence against these companies, 
the DSA has taken no public action against either of these ethics code violators.

Example №3
The DSA (Direct Selling Association), and 
SELDIA (the European Direct Selling Association),
accepted Kyani as their member.

It looks like the missions of the DSA and Seldia are to 
protect MLM companies irrespective of whether they violate the law or not.

It is also sad that the auditors (KPMG) and the Accountants (TMF)
continue to serve Kyani thus allowing Kyani to continue law violations.

Example №4
Mormons are supposed to pay 10% of their income to the Mormon Church.

Now when you know that Kyani is run by Kirk Hansen, Mormon Church Bishop,
do you still believe that the Mormon Church strongly values honesty both in private life and in its public image ?

Kyani CEO counsel in Europe consists of four members
(all with questionable background)
> Manfred
        1)  Former Leader of the Pyramid Scheme Companies: "Matrix Global Inc." and "Darwin International".

        2) Former Leader of a big Pyramid Scheme Company called - NexEurope.
            NexEurope collapsed and does not exist any more.
                  Site does not function and is for sale.




        3) See Manfred Wunderling promoting "Jen Fe"

        4)    Manfred's Business Partner - Mrs. Ana Josipović from Serbia.

        5)     Soon: who earned money by supplying defected Kynect tabs to Kyani Europe AB.

 > Stefan

        1)  Former Leader of the Pyramid Scheme Companies: "Matrix Global Inc." and "Darwin International".

             -  "Thousands involved in suspected pyramid schemes",      №1 in Swedish  №1 in English
                   -    "The founder is the Word of Life Church",          ,      №2 in Swedish  №2 in English
                   -    "Preacher accused of swindling",                          №3 in Swedish  №3 in English
                   -    "A legal gray area",                                                          №4 in Swedish  №4 in English
INFO: Matrix Global Inc. Director (s): Mr. Volker Hartzsch Registration: IBC 372 495 Registered Office: Road Town, PO Box 3340, Tortola, BVI Administrative Offices: Darwin International Ltd. 61/62 Regent House, Bisazza Str., Sliema MALTA Europe, C23106 Auditors and representatives: Deloitte & Touche Share capital: $ 50,000
Administration Agent: Darwin International Ltd., 61/62 Regent House, Bisazza Str., Sliema, SLM15MALTA
Tel: +35621347600/1, Fax: +35621347603.

INFO: Matrix Global Incorporated is founded by Uppsala resident Stefan Edefors and the German man Volker Hartzsch. Matrix is ​​an offshore / postbox company based in the British Virgin Islands and the administrative office in Malta. According to the company website, the company also has offices in Dubai.

        2)  Stefan's Business Partner - Ms. Lenita Olsson,
             Ms. Lenita Olsson is an immigrant from the USSR and 
             a member of Word of Life Church (Livets Ord).


        3)    Stefan Edefors is a preacher of the Word of Life Church (Livets Ord).

 Mark Davenport / Volker

        1)  "Mark Davenport" and "Volker Hartzsch" is the same person.
              It is very likely that this person has more names than these two names.

        2)  Former Leader of the Pyramid Scheme Companies: "Matrix Global Inc." and "Darwin International".
             Worked together with Stefan Edefors.
        3) "Mark Davenport" / "Volker Hartzsch" is a member of "Team Fusion" at Kyani.
            "Mark Davenport" / "Volker Hartzsch" is a member of "the Inner Circle" at Kyani.

        4)  Please send us more info, names AND pictures of this person.



        1)     Marcus Dahlgren is a former leader of ACN Inc., alleged a pyramid scheme. 

Do not allow the following people to involve you in Kyani:
Birgit Kozicke          иргит Коцике)            Eugen Podkin     (Евгений Подкин), 
Olesya Krasnova     (Олеся Краснова),         Jakov Ashurov    (Яков Ашуров),
Ekaterina Begun      (Екатерина Бегун),         Holger Sonnenwald,
Rainer Heimann       (, 
Mary Louise Zeller,  Becky Bursell,                 Valter Eslon        (Вальтер Эслон),
Rajni Patel,             Angel Olvera,                   Mike Akagi,       Takako Yamaguchi,
William Wang, 

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